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    The breeze was calm and slow. It was a very warm day, The trees where rustling as the wind gently touched each leaf with the kindest and most gentle ease. The ground smelled like fresh clean grass up your nose as you laid on the ground. As the breeze swirled your long (hair color) hair you closed your eyes just daydreaming.

As a little girl you didn’t have the slightest care about the real world. Reality was just make-believe to you. Nothing more than just a fantasy...well at least that’s what your father told you. The wind began to pick a little speed as you laid on the ground in your garden.

The grass between your fingertips started to tickle you only to make you chuckle in a low tone. This was honestly the best feeling in the whole world. The sun beamed on your face like a bright warm kiss ,that was soon blocked away by a oddly strange shaped figure.


    The figure said in a polite manner.

“Excuse me miss?”

You slowly smiled and opened your eyes.


You squinted your nose at your father.

“I’ve seem to have lost a person”

You chuckled.


“Hm..” He placed one hand on his chin.

“I don’t quite remember?”

He walked around back and forth circling you playfully.

You rolled over putting your hands under your chin.

“What does the person look like?”

You smiled at your fathers silliness.

“”Hm well she’s about your height..”

He points to you while going in circles around you  smiling.

You laughed.

“And that laugh sounds pretty familiar?”

He placed a finger on him lips.

“I’ve wonder where they’ve gone?”

He turns around looking behind him.

“It’s me daddy.”

He stopped circling and plopped down right next to you.

“Hmph really? I don’t think so?”

He tried hard not to show any hint of a smile but it was no use and tickled your side.

“But it is.”

You tried to say nearly out of breathe.

He then stopped and you looked in his face. Gazing at him happily with your (eye color) eyes. He then tilted his head back.

“Hm.. so it is.. I know those perfect eyes anywhere.”

He lightly tapped your nose which made you smile.

“How could I possibly forget the most..”

He picked you up and spun you around.

“ BEAUTIFUL princess in the whole world.”
His silliness always made you laugh. He stopped and gently put you down and gestured you with a  bow like you were a real princess.

“Please forgive me your highness.”

You only chuckled as he proceeded to hold you in his arms.

“Please don’t forget me.”You said smiling.

He smiled. “Never….I promise.” He gave you a gentle kiss on the head.

“Now.” He placed you on his shoulder.

“Ready to go.”

You pointed.


You both smiled. You both ran into the house out of the garden twirling and laughing. Not caring what simple reality was left in the world. It could never keep you two apart ever…… But that was a long time ago.  You slowly opened your eyes to only the sound of the monitor beeping.

The hospital room was quiet silent. The monitor was the only thing that made any sound in the room. Your heart rate was fine but you were lucky to be alive. Who knows what would have happened. You laid there breathing deep air into your lungs. Looking staring at the sealing trying to gather up any information about what just happened to you. So much happened in so little time.

“I see you’re awake?”

You quickly turned to a man in a lab coat holding a clipboard.

“Where am I what happened?” You tried to sit up but there was a deep sharp pain at your side that made you settle down at once.

“Please don’t move.” He ran to your side to see if you had stretched your stitches and caused any further damage.

“Let me take a look at your side.” He waited for you lift your robe.

You just inched your self away from him looking a little creeped out.
“I just wanna see how badly you hurt your scar.”

You looked at him and then proceeded to lift your robe to see a long deep scar on your waist.

You looked at it in panic.

“H-how did this happen?”

He ignored your comment to see if there was anything bad that happened.

He sighed. “ There seems like there’s no deep cuts or damage your lucky. But I would suggest you sleep for now.” He got up and walked to the door.


He stopped at the door then turning around to you.

“What happened to me?”

He put his finger on his chin.

“ I think it’s best if we talk about this when you wake up.”


“The scar has already sent so much stress to your body already. It’s probably best if i tell you when you calm down and wake up.” He proceeded to leave the room.

“ Can you atleast tell me where Ludwig is? Is he alright is he alive?”

He paused.

“Oh.. Well he’s fine. He visits now and again but usually stays in the lobby. He doesn’t visit your hospital room at all he just ask how you're doing and then leaves.”


He shrugged.

“I don’t know probably has to do with the incident..You had a pretty nasty accident.”

He continued to walk out the door.

You laid there thinking. ' I understand that he doesn't want to tell me what happened to me yet but...' You turned to the window. 'Why didn't Ludwig visit me..... you would think after everything we went through. And how long we've been friends... he'd be with me right now...'  "Did he .... forget about me?"

“(name)? You ok?" Your father smiled at you while you sat playing with your dress.

You looked up at him. "Yeah. It's just.. you said there was a new boy in town correct? The Prussian general's little brother."

He nodded. "Well dad I was thinking of making him something." You gathered up the flowers from the garden after you left.

“What are you going to make?" He looked curious to what you were doing with flowers.

"Ta Da!!!!“

He looked at what you made for a while just in silence .

"It's a flower crown!" You smiled.

He covered his mouth trying not to laugh. "I-i bet he'll love it." He kissed your forehead.

" Glad you think so made one for you too." You  tried to place it on his head but he quickly pushed it away.

" When we go back home ok.?" He looked a little embarrassed but you nodded and accepted.

“Fine.” you tried fixing the crown so the pedals wouldn’t fall of before you gave it to him.

You both arrived at a building where the meeting was taking place. You were both escorted by a tall man wearing a guard uniform you guessed he was from the military with your father.

You both walked into a huge waiting room.

“You stay right here (name) i’ll be right back I just have to finish this important meeting. ok?” You nodded and smiled. He kissed your head and walked through the doors of the huge meeting taking place.

It must have been secured if the two guards shut the door immediately after he walked in. The waiting room was so quiet and lonely. You sat there wondering if he would like his gift. You                    checked to see if you brung the flower crown with you. “Hmm.. Where is it?” You check all around the room to see if you left it anywhere or misplaced it. “ I must have left it outside or something?” You quickly ran outside. You saw it in the seat of the carriage you where in earlier.

“There it is.”

You quickly grabbed it to see if any of the petals fell off while you left. “Good it’s ok.” You smiled and walked back inside when you started to hear laughter around the back of the house. ‘ Who’s that.’ You quickly ran to the back but hid by the rim of the wall. It was a little german boy playing with his dog.

“Fetch Aster.”

He had blonde hair and an adorable smile and he had beautiful blue orbs. And he looked like he was at least 2 years older than you.

He held a ball and threw it in the woods. Aster bolted quickly into the bushes and disappeared in a flash. You smiled.

‘Should say hello.’  You tucked the hair out of your face and looked at the flower crown. You then heard a loud yell and snapped up to look at the boy.

“Lass mich in Ruhe!”

You saw him yelling at someone else.

“Pfft.Whatcha gonna do about it.”

You saw a german boy with a group of other boys that seemed to be bullying him. It looked like his nose was bleeding.

“You think just because your brothers in the military you’re tough.”

One of the boys pushed him on the ground.

“You're pathetic.” They started laughing at him. And then kicked him in his stomach. He sat on the floor continuously coughing.

But just laughed it off. “ You think your stupid threats are gonna get to me. You clearly don’t know me at all.” The blonde haeded boy smiled  deviously coughing in pain from them kicking him.
“Tch.” The bully looked annoyed staring him down.

“It’s amazing how a dumbass like you thinks that just because my brothers in the military… I’m tough. But the fact is.” The blonde boy whipped the blood off his nose.

“ I’m strong with or without him and he knows that.” He flashes a cocky smile.

The bully looked angry at the remark he had just received.

“A dumbass am I?” they grabbed him by his collar.

You gripped on the wall and ran to the boys bullying him.

“Hey! Leave him alone.” You shouted to one of the kids.

“Mind your own business chick.”  The bully shooed you away.
“ I said leave him alone.” You picked up a stone and threw it at his head. Your voice grew deeper and serious.

“W-what the Hell!” Looked at you furiously holding the back of this head.

You checked to see if the boy on the ground was ok. He only seemed stunned at what you did One kid sees the crown in your hand.

“ Hey look at this.” One of the boys who was bulling the kind said. snaching the crown  out of your hand. They all started laughing at you. “ A flower crown are you serious.”

“Give it back.” You tried snatching it back but he pushed you and you almost fell backward.

“Aww who’s this for? A friend.” He glanced back at  the boy but all he could do was turn around as his face flushed with red looking embarased.

You clenched your hand as he put the crown on his head. You were so angry your face flushed red.
He faced over to look at you. “How old are you five? Exactly what i’d expect from a girl . gehen Sie zurück in die Küche. ” They all start teasing you until you had enough you balled up for fist ready to strike.

“How do I look guy-” One hard punch in the face sent him falling on the floor and a tooth flying out of his mouth and the crown flies straight off his head.

You grabbed the crown from the ground.

“I told you to give it back.” The other kids looked at you and stood back but the boy on the ground stood up holding a nose full of blood.

“Y-you just hit me.” His eyes were full of rage as he got up and walked over to you and grabbed you by your collar.

“ You're gonna pay for that bitch.” The Bully held you off the ground with two hands. Your collar had dried blood from the boys nose bleeding. He balding up his fist ready to connect it to your face.

You chuckled. “ Do it then.” He smiled and you showed no ounce of fear. Right before connect his fist into your face a sudden bark came from the woods.

“It’s the dog.” One of the boys screamed out letting you go and dropping you to the ground. The all ran away at Alster trying to attack them. Alster then turned to you growling approaching you very closely and slowly. You closed your eyes bracing yourself hoping that she wouldn't attack.

“Alster...Alster come here girl.” The boy patted his lap signaling her to come over.

She quickly stopped and ran to his aid quickly.
“Good Girl.” He patted her laughing and smiling. Alster only licked him which seemed to give him most comfort.

You slowly go up looking at him.

“A-are you alright.?”

You looked at him very concerned. He looked up at you and nodded.

“Are you?” He smiled at you.

You nodded.

“You really didn’t have to help me you know I would have been fine.” He tilted his head at you.

Oh your face heated up a little.

“Yeah but….. I wanted to you looked hurt. So I-i” You played with your fingers a little and stumbled over your words.

He stood up from his spot and smiled at you. “It’s ok …. Vielen Dank .”

You looked at him smiled and then nodded.

He looked at your hand.

“You’s bleeding.”

You looked at your hand and started smiling.

“Oh..It’s probably fine for a boy his face is really hard.”

He got up and pulled out a cloth from his pocket and walked behind you.

“ Here let me see it.”

He lifted your hand and started wrapping it in the white cloth so it won’t get infected.

“How’s that?”

“I-it’s fine.” you felt a warm breath on your neck.

“ Great. It’s the least I can do after you helped me.”

He turned to face giving you an adorable smile.

“You know … I’m really not use to talking to a lot of kids that come here. So not a lot of people stand up for me unless it’s my older brother.”

“Your older brother?”

“Yeah! He’s in the board meeting right now.” He rubbed his head.

“You live here?”

“Yeah. My brothers one of the representatives.”

     “Really? My dad’s in there too he’s the captain. You must be the boy that’s friends with my dad.” You looked at the crown in your hand.

“This is for you I made it myself.” You held it out so he can wear it.

He looked at it for a while and then took it.

“D-Danke.” He half smiled.

“ And there Centaurea cyanus?”

“Y-yeah i got them from my garden. There Germany’s national flower you know.” You smiled. And his face flushed red.

“Y-yeah they are aren’t they.”

“I really hope you like them. I’ve heard really good things about your brother.. what’s hes’ like?”

“He’s very … glücklich…” He put his head down.

“Hmm. I wish i could meet him.”   He looked at you and  only put on a fake smile.

“We’ll go and see him them now. Oh my names Ludwing by the way.” He held out his hand for you to shake it.

“ (Name)” You moved the hair out of your face and tucked it behind your ear then shaken his hand.

“ (name)? That’s really pretty?” He smiled. Then placed the crown on his head.

“H-how do I look.” You smiled and laughed.

“Completely and utterly..ridiculous .”

You both laughed when suddenly Alster started barking constantly.

“Alster?...What is it girl?”

Gun shots came from the building and terrified screaming.

It sounded like it came from the board room.You stood still and shaken for a couple of seconds.

“Dad?” you quickly ran out of the garden.

“(Name) Wait!”

You ignored the sound of him calling your name. For some odd reason in your gut told you something bad happened to your father. You quickly made your way up the stairs of the entrance door. You quickly opened the door to see an albino man with White hair and red eyes in the lobby.

“What are you doing here?” He held his side it seemed to be bleeding.

“What happened.” You ran up to him.

“N-nothing you need to get out of here now!” He looked like he was in a lot of pain.

“Where’s my Dad.” you panicked a little.

“C-calm down.” He tried patting your back. But you inched your self away from him.

“Where’s the Captain where’s my dad!” You looked at him starting to get a little teary eyed.

He looked at you with open eyes and then put his head down. He said nothing and looked at the two doors where the meeting held place.

He didn’t know you were following where his eyes were and you ran toward the doors.‘ He has to be in the there he’ll be fine.’ After that moment everything stood still. You opened the doors regretting you’ve ever opened it in the first place as tears started to run down your face. You felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked up to see the albino man you saw earlier.

“I’m sorry for your lost…”

His words made your vision blurry. Tears clouded your vision as you hugged the stranger and buried your face in his uniform. He didn’t seem surprised at your sudden action.

“What am I gonna do…?” You muffled. “What’s gonna happen to me?”

“Let’s not think about that now. Let’s go outside for a while.” The last thing he wanted to do was to make you stay and  suffer worse than you did already. From that day forward you lived with the Beilschmidt Family for a long time until you grew up. From that point on to take your father’s place going through the battle strategies for all the groups. Planning where each of the enemies weaknesses were and ways you where able to take them down without exposing yourselves to any danger.

       Of course it was unusual for a woman to lead an army full of strong men. But you were one of the strongest most trustworthy people they knew they would trust you with there life. It was tough but you made it the most toughest military in all of Europe. You and Ludwig grew up together and fought by each other’s side. You were both unstoppable when it came to battle and teamwork.

                     It was during the Prussian-France war that things started to get a little harder on your men. It was July 1870 and already two weeks in more than 50 of your men suffered from wounds and lost of blood traumas and were fully unconscious. Some of the head leaders of the small groups you’ve made where all in the base camp discussing ways to take down the french empire.

“Well go around the troops and strike right there!”  You pointed. “Why there?” One of the men pointed out. “Look see this.” You pointed at the map at an exact spot. “You would want to avoid that area at ALL times. They must obviously have some trap somewhere around this boundary. Avoid there at all cost do you understand?” You sounded assertive and strict. “Tell everyone about the plan spread out and take positions.” They nodded and left to get ready. Ludwig signaled everyone out of the tent so it just left you two.

 It was quiet for a while and you were still going through plans covering your face with the papers. You slowly looked upward to see Ludwig turning his back looking at one of his guns.
Looked at him thinking.  ‘ Woah…. He’s got a nice ass.’  A smile slowly crept on his face as a you started to blush and giggle.  Little did you know that he heard you laughing to yourself and quickly turned around and looked at you confused.

     You sat there when you quietly squeal and turning to see a pair of blue orbs a smirking at you hugging you from behind. “W-what are you doing.” You tried to hide your blushing face. He smiled squeezing you more and kissing your cheek you giggled and laughed as he spun you around to face him. “Nothing.” He had a devious smirk on his face, His blue eyes stared into your _______ ones.

“Hey (name) We’ve been together for a long time right.” He started to look a little embarrassed and his face heated up. “Yes.” You smiled looking into his deep blue sean eyes. “I-i wanted to give you something..and I know this is an extremely bad time but..” He scrambled into his pocket and went down on one knew and held out a ring. You stood there motionless not knowing what to do at that point you were just stunned. “Will you-.”

You heard a sudden giggle in the closet and then quickly silenced itself. You slowly walked towards it to see and white haired red eyed albino smiling at you two. “Don’t mind me.” You angrily  bit your lip while Ludwig just facepalmed himself. “Gilbert…” You stared him down and questioning what the heck was he even doing it there in the first place. “No no no don’t mind me I wanna hear an answer.” He smirked while rubbing his chin.You sarcastically laughed. “ Well...If i were to answer i wouldn't do it in front of you would I.” You forced a smile. “(Name)” He rubbed you head. “Your so adorable.”  You slapped his hand away.

He laughed.“So! What’s your answer?” He looking impatient . You turned to Ludwig and smiled hugging him. “Yes.” Kissing his nose he looked surprised at first but then smiled. Gilbert stood there smiling and jumping announcing to the whole world that you guys were engaged and screaming. ‘ I’m gonna be an Uncle.’ Ludwig covered his face at that comment but you only smiled holding his hand. Even though it was an very emotional day you had something very important to do at that time. You both went outside of the camp it was pouring rain out and you both had to gear up and get ready.

   You quickly put on your helmet, gear, keeping your weapons out of the rain. You were ready to get into your position until you started to hear Ludwig yell your name. He ran up to you putting his hand on your cheek. “Be safe.” You held his hand his palm was so warm and his smile was too. “I will… just promise me something please.” He nodded his cheeks were light pink from the cold. “Promise me if we ever get separated or something bad happens…. You won’t forget or leave me right?” He shook his head and smiled. “What kind of question is that.”

You looked too worried about this situation. He kissed you on your head. “Of course I won’t.” You smiled and hugged his as you both went into your groups on different sides. Ludwig’s group went left, Gilbert’s went forward and yours went right. You all had some communication or a signaling if anything was wrong or ok. A wave meant everything was fine. Two shot’s in the air ment there was an emergency. Three meant retreat but you would rarely use them.

Before heading off there was a man that grabbed your arm immediately and out of breathe. It was one of the guys who worked on the fields coupling to see if there were anything we should watch out for on the land mass. “Yes?”  you looked confused.
“There’s an interference.”  

“What do you mean by interference?”

 He continued to breathe heavy. “The field isn’t safe there’s a sink hole in a certain area look!”  You looked on the map and an area was curled saying there was a danger zone sinkhole pointed in the left direction of the field. “What that’s where Ludwig’s groups headed.” He shook his head. “W-where are they now?” “In a shack but General (Last Name) I don’t suggest you go over ther-” You quickly ran over to the left field. “General (Last Name)! Wait you don’t know how big the sink whol-” His voice began to fade as you ran further and further away.

‘Why did i feel like something bad would happen..that idiot.’ Your eyes suddenly started to tear up when you  came upon the shack but you were a foot away.
“ Guys! Get out of there.” You saw a few men but they didn’t seem to hear you. You slowly but swiftly ran to the door and went inside and slammed the door. The sound echoed through the shack. Ludwig ran to you confused you went and said out of breathe. “(name) W-what are you doing here?”  “S-sinkhole.” you lowly whispered. “What?” He didn’t seem to hear you. You started to get teary eyed. “Sinkhole. You're on a sinkhole damnit!!!” You sounded angry and terrified.

The hole shack sounded quiet as suddenly little debris fell from the ceiling. And the ceiling started to shake. “ JEDER AUSSTEIGEN!” Ludwig quickly yelled and you and him started redirecting everyone out. You both heard a sudden bag as someone fell straight through the crack of the floor boards. “He needs help.” You ran to him. “(name)!” Ludwig tried to run to you but the floors shook so much he didn’t want to fall through.

 You swiftly ran to the injured man yelling in pain from the floor boards. “Hey i got you.” You smiled and grabbed him from under his arm and waist. You both quickly tried to get to the other side but half of the shack was already broken in half which left you on one side and Ludwig on the other trying to reach each other. You looked at the man in pain and did what you had to do. “Ludwig take him.” You threw the man in pain over to Ludwig to catch. Before the shack shook anymore. The side of the shack you where on tilted backwards almost ready to fall over.

“ (Name)! Jump QUICK BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” He held out his hand as you took one step the whole shack got sunked into the sinkhole with you in it. You plunged straight down and one of the board pieces cut your sided pretty deep. And the pain knocked you unconscious. The last thing you heard was someone screaming your name and 2 shots being fired and you laid there unconsciously looking up. The last thing you remembered at that point was that you ended up in the hospital.

You woke up staring at the ceiling.

The door slowly opened and a head popped out.

“You awake?”

It was the same doctor that intruded on you earlier came in smiling at you.

“How do you feel now?”

“Well i’ve calmed down a lot more since the last time you visited me.” You smiled at him.

“Good.” He nodded and grabbed the clipboard on the side of your bed.

“Ok. So now that you're awake I can start asking you some questions if that’s ok?”

You nodded.

“So your name is (First and last name) correct?”


“And your father was a formal general in the army yes?”


“And he’s-”

“ Dead Yes.” You stared at the floor and kept your head down. He looked concerned.

“Are you alright should i stop?”

“N-no i’m fine we were just ….really close that’s all.” You halfway smiled.

“Well would you mind telling me he died.”

“He was assassinated while trying to do business.”  You still stared at the floor.
“I-i’m very sorry for your lost.”  You paused to look at him for a second.

“It’s fine .” You heard someone say the exact same thing before.

He went back to the subject and looked at the board.


“I was half French my father was fully French and my mother was fully German.”

You looked at you wide eyed.

“You know there was a war between both of them correct?”

You nodded. And he just crossed his arms.

“Yep. 9 months ago.”

You snapped your head and stared at him weirdly.

“ N-nine months ago??”

He nodded. And then started looking at his clipboard again.

“Good thing we one lot’s of people died.”

“D-died.” You started to look a little pale.

“ 28,208.” He walked over to the door getting ready to leave.

You did nothing but stare at the ground again shocked and scared of what happened to all of your friends and men that trusted you. And where was Ludwig? He promised you that we wouldn’t leave you and yet he’s not here. So many things when thought your head that you had to just lie down for a few minutes to think things over.

The doctor stopped half way at the door and looked at you.

“Hey (name)”

You turned to the door.

“Someone came in earlier to give you that.”
It was a boxed gift by the side of your bed.

“He told me to give it to you whenever you woke up.”

The doctor slowly went out of the room left and closed the door.

You grabbed the gift it was blue rapper tied in a white lace bow. You looked to see on the side was a little letter it had no to or from on it but you opened it anyway.

You opened it and when you saw the name on the letter your heart immediately stopped. It was from Ludwig himself you started to second guess if you even wanted to read it but you were also very anxious  to what it said.

You saw the date.“ This was 5 months ago.” you started to look at it and read the letter.

‘ Hello (name) I don’t know if you have even gotten this letter or if you even what to talk to me anymore after you read this. If you don’t I’ll understand , Seeing you get hurt was one of the most regretful things in my life. i couldn’t sleep for the past few months i’ve spent here. These few months have been like hell since you’ve left so many have died not knowing if you were alive or gone. And writing this letter’s giving me heart break even more.

     So i’ve decided if i couldn’t save you or help you then then how will i ever be able to help you if we ever get together and depend on each other. I guess what i’m trying to say is...Thank you for being there for me even went where we were little kids. I’ll miss your smile and everything else about you your determination and smarts and your heart. Good bye (name)~

                                                   ~ ich liebe dich Ludwig.

You looked down at the note with a ring attached to it . A tear streamed down your face. You looked over at the gift silently. And slowly opened it when you saw what it was you cracked a smile and laughed to yourself. It was a flower crown the same as you gave Ludwig the first time you both first met. You placed it on your head and said.

        “Centaurea cyanus…..” And started to cry with a smile on your face.It was the exact same flowers that you had given him the first time you met.


                                             Extended  Ending

You've already gotten out of the hospital years ago... gotten married to another man you found helping out giving food to the needy. And had children that were all grown up now and had children of their own. But you became very ill and sick and ended up in the hospital again. You lay there looking at old pictures when you heard someone knocking.

"Ms.(name)"?  A doctor's voice said.
"Yes?" You coughed a little.

"There's someone here to meet you you have a visitor."

    You looked confused. " ok i wasn't expectin-"

"He says he knows you ma'am?"  you could hear voices murmuring.

"L-let him in." The door slowly opened and there stood a man with a green uniform and a green army hat and blonde hair.

"H-hello (name)" He smiled sweatly. You looked at him speechless not saying a word. For some strange reason he didn't look any different from the last time you saw him.
But it didn't matter you were so stunned that he came back you didn't say a single word.

You heard someone running behind him quickly. "Is she in here?" It was his older brother still looking the same he looked years ago he looked stunned to see you too.

"Damn (name)..." He walked up to you. "You're so old."

You just smiled. "It's good to see you too Gildert."


Ludwig gave him a long hard stare and Gilbert just smiled.

“ I’ll leave you two to talk amongst yourselves.”

Gilbert slowly walked out the door and put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

The room was in complete silence.

“How have you been doing all these years?”
He smiled.

“W-well a little better.”
You smiled weakly.
He walked up to you and sat down and grabbed your trembling hand. And pressed his forehead on yours.

“I’ve missed you.”
He shut his eyes and started crying silently.
“I’ve missed you too..”
You both smiled.
YES!! I FINALLY FINISHED!! :iconfinallyplz: I really hope you like this um .. it's for a Contest -------> <da:thumb id="423010466">
Feedback would be helpful I DEFINALY KNOW this story needs some work  :/ but I was in such a rush I hope it passes. D: So anyway thank for reading. ^^:floating: 

I Do Not own the picture nor any of the Hetalia Characters. ^^

Germany & Prussia (c) Hetalia

You (c) ..Yourself X3

Story by : Me ^^
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kelly123err Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh no it's fine! :D I actually gotten similar comments too! As long as you and others like it I feel fuffiled! I am a dummy! :happybounce: But I denfinaly do know i need to fix some stuff in the story.
anakind87 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Alrighty then:)
I can't wait for the changes - but can you please give a little epilogue - you know, something of the sort? I'd like to know what happens to her when she gets out of the hospital - and to Germany - does he die?(although a country can't die), Does he move to another place or try to move on with life - and start looking for her again with a change of heart and mind? I gotta know what happened. Poor reader needs a happy ending. I'd like for her to be with someone who'll ALWAYS be there with her. Poor reader...
This is just a thought...and a suggestion.;)
kelly123err Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student General Artist
You know what while i was in the process of writing it i was going to ending it diffrently but with the time i had to enter it in the contest because i was running out of time to put it as a entry I rushed it alot maybe with the editing I'll put the epiloge of how i wanted to end it. ^^ It's like fairly sad but also happy Germany doesn't die because I would never try to do that even though i did that to my last one...but it ended up being happy at the end and people said it was still good ^^. But he doesn't die. Italy (Finds a crab) [V1]  Thank You For the Suggestion though if i ever get around to it i'll make sure to tell you that I fixed the mistakes all you would have to do is read the Epilogue.Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
anakind87 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Thanks so much. You're a sweetheart of a person.:) I think you're really good at writing/typing stories. Oh, I love the icons, by the way.:)
kelly123err Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi! I just wanted to say I added a Extended ending so hopefully it's happy enough sorry it took me so long X3
heart-anime Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
NO!! WHY?!!!!
SyedSultana Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Did he leave???!
That jerk!

kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist
SyedSultana Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
It was a good story thou :D
DerpWerp Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
so he didn't die?????if he didn't what does "moved on" mean???

kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
As in move on it's like you both won't meet up anymore and get married anymore. Sorry if it wasn't clear Pyong Cry  I still need to fix it
Levlion526 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
I think my heart has been ripped in two!! T^T oH GOD IM CRYING REALLY HARD! W-wonderful W-writing m-my d-dearaahhhh! *Runs away and cries*
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]  Pl-lease don't cry
wifefu Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Wow, this is really good and original! I hope you don't think I'm being rude or anything, but there was a lot of little errors here and there. And it was difficult to follow the conversations. I got lost trying to figure out who said what.
But other the that, this was really well written. I very much enjoyed reading it. The ending was so bittersweet, it made a couple tears leak out of me ;^;
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Would you mind telling me what parts so I can fix it ^^.
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh no this is actually really help ful thank you ^^ I did feel like I had some errors. I'll see if I can fix it. ^^.
wifefu Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Well, when reader-chan's father is talking to his daughter, he mentions something about her height. And I believed the sentence after that should say "gestured to". And, well, for me at least, the part when Ludwig is fighting the other boys is very confusing because I was completely lost as towards who was saying what. And then when reader-chan is trying to save the man stuck in the floorboards it says, she fan to him. I think that's supposed to be ran, right? 
I'm sorry I'm picky, its just distracting to me when I  read a wonderful story and there's little errors. It happens to me too (especially when I re-read what I wrote ages ago) 
Excuse how late it took me to reply, sorry. And I still love your story, by the way. 
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh Thank You for telling me that now i know what i need to fix. ^^ This is really helpful actually there's no need to be sorry.
wifefu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist
You're welcome! I just didn't want to come off as a snob who believes everyone is an illiterate twat.
You're a very good writer, I can't wait to see more of your work! ^_^
TheFreeHuntress Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry this was really good but I'm a bit confused. Did the reader marry Ludwig?
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
No she didn't his ring was found in the box i'm sorry if you where confused i might end up fixing it later on though :D .
TheFreeHuntress Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's fine I actually really liked this.
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you ^^
soccergirl1210 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
Did Ludwig die also?
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
No no he's fine and ok he's just moving on. Sorry if you thought that he died. D:
soccergirl1210 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
no it's a great story, but I read it at two in the morning
katcraft455 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
LUDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Burst out into tears* this... this was so good....Pikachu Crying Plz 
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
La la la la Thank you i feel accomplished! I am a dummy! 
katcraft455 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Frozen - HUG! 
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:iconohmyglobplz: I'M SORRY! Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] 
Hong-Kong-Kitty Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
omg...the feels X3
Chibi-dragon-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Really Thank you ^^ I thought it needed some improvements though. :iconsweatplz:
Chibi-dragon-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I enjoyed it!
kelly123err Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank u mean's Alot! ^^
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